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Amazing Creations

 1220 Ivy Street

Junction City, OR 97448 

On the main strip in Junction City! 

As always, we strive to build a long-lasting relationship with our clients, because "client" is so corporal. We prefer friends or family.


Custom Interior Designs

Our Products and Services

Custom Cabinets

Use every space possible in your RV! Add cabinets in empty spaces or a custom desk to fit your needs. Use more of your existing space by extending your drawers or create hidden storage for your more precious items, such as a safe, jewelry or guns!

Window Shades

Help your RV keep you warm or cool with custom window shades. Shades provide an extra layer of protection to your windows. This helps hold the temperature of your choosing or simply just to keep out the sun so you can sleep! Many colors available in vinyl or cloth. Roller shades by MCD unless requested otherwise. 


Pick out the flooring to start making your dream coach! Tile, vinyl, carpet or laminate? No matter what kind of flooring you choose, we can install it for you! 

Window Valance

While having window shades installed, think about having your valances upgraded! The valance is removed to install the new shade. Having them replaced with a wood style or reupholstered during this process is ideal!

Counter Tops

Revive your existing counter tops or choose something new. Either way, we can help you!

Appliances and Furniture

Have your new or new to you (purchased here or somewhere else) appliances  and furniture installed! Or reupholster the furniture you love!

TV Conversions

Want to upgrade an old TV? Change one out for a larger model? Or maybe you would like it hidden when your not watching it? You have options. Your TV can be adjustable, upgraded and downgraded in size, or hidden in a cabinet that it mechanically lifts out of.

Custom Renovations

Tell us what your vision is! We want to see your ideas come to life!  Anything is possible and the sky is your limit. Let us know how we can help you achieve the  beautiful home that you deserve!

Interior Detailing

Lets face it, no one really wants to clean every nook and cranny themselves! (Discount package applies when having any other work done in our shop)

Wood Restoration and Conditioning​

Bring old cabinets, desks, doors, trim/moldings and wood walls back to life! Some items may need sanded and refinished; However, many times they just need  a good conditioning! (Discount package applies when having any other work done in our shop)

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